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Transition into Year R

Helping your child to get ready for when they start Year R in Norwood Primary School


Each week we will be uploading some suggestions of things that you might like to practice at home with your child, in order to help prepare them for when they start school in September.


*  This week we would like your child to have a go at being able to put on their coat all by themselves. It often helps if children are encouraged to put the hood of their coat on their head first, then try to put arms in the sleeves!
Have a go and try to practice a little every day!


*  As part of the exciting journey getting ready to begin Year R in September this week work with your child on recognising their name. Being able to spot their own name really helps a child to settle in to Year R and boosts their self confidence. You might want to write their name and display it around your home and see how many places your child can find it. Or you might want to write their name and see if they can go over in either paint or playdough. Just for your information we write a child's name with a capital letter to begin their name and use lower case letters for the rest of their first name.

Have fun!