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PE 3.3.21 PE Jumping combinations For today's #ThisIsPE we're going to be looking at jumping in combination. We're going to have three separate activities that...

24.2.21 PE - Balloon blasting Ryan Ellis from The PE Umbrella shows you a fun game you can do at home with your child that will develop their hand-eye coor...

Art 26.2.21 Starry Night (interactive animation)

A try to visualize the flow of the famous painting "Starry Night" of Vincent Van Gogh. The user can interact with the animation. Also, the sound responds to the flow. Made with openframeworks. Available on the app-store: Available on google-play:

10.2.21 PE - Rock and roll gymnastics These activities will help develop your child's coordination, balance and strength, which is an important part of their devel...