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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Phonics Resources

Our children are taught Phonics using Little Wandle, Letters and Sounds Revised. 


Please see the link below for more information for parents, including helpful videos and guides for how to pronounce our sounds. 


Key Terms


phoneme - the smallest unit of sound in a word. For example, there are 3 phonemes in 'cat' c / a / t and 3 phonemes in 'shop' sh / o / p.

grapheme - the written representation of a phoneme. For example the grapheme 'ow', could sound different in 'snow' or 'cow', but looks the same. 

digraph - when 2 letters are written to represent 1 sound (phoneme). For example 'ch', 'sh', 'th'. 

trigraph - when 3 letters are written to represent 1 sound (phoneme). For example 'igh', 'air', 'ear'. 

split digraph - when a digraph appears 'split' within a word and often creates a long vowel sound.

                        For example 'home' (o-e) or 'spike' (i-e). 


tricky word - words that we learn to read 'by sight' as applying our phonics does not always work eg 'school', 'what' or 'my'. We also learn to spell these words and apply this in all of our lessons. 



Guidance from Little Wandle. 'How to say the Phase 5 sounds."