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Phonics Resources

Children are taught to read using Phonics, where they identify sounds within words and then bend the sounds together to read the word.


The sounds are grouped into phases, from phase 1 (which concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills ) through to phase 5.


You can find these sounds in the documents below.


In the summer term of Year 1 the children will undertake a phonics screening test where they will be asked to read 40 words, 20 real words and 20 nonsense words. These are some ideas that you could use to support your child at home and help prepare them for this, as well as to improve their reading.


-Reading with children every day. It could be their colour band book from school, a book of their choice, a magazine, a website, a shopping list, a sign/poster. All reading is good.


-Interactive online phonics games. There are a number of free games on the Phonics Play website 


-There are a number of excellent ideas at the website, including sound of the day, alternate "I spy" and silly sentences.


-To help prepare for the nonsense words, ask your child to draw pictures of new species, or alien. Then they can think up funny names for them and write them down using their phonics knowledge?