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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

High Attaining Children

Higher attaining children at Norwood


Here at Norwood, we take pride in offering a warm, welcoming and aspirational school which believes in nurturing every child as an individual. We recognise that children have special abilities and talents both inside and outside of school. Our whole school ethos is that each child is at the heart of all we do. In order to stretch and challenge higher attaining children even further, quality first practice and assessment is successfully embedded into our daily routine. The term ‘More Able’ or ‘Higher Attaining’ refers to children who show a particular skill or aptitude in one or more curriculum subjects and are attaining above their ‘Age Related Expectations’. This means they are doing better than the National Curriculum dictates for their age category. In the past these children were often given the work for children from a higher year but the current curriculum favours giving these children a greater breadth and depth of learning activities than is normally provided for the usual cohort of learners. Within class, teachers provide exciting learning and extension activities challenging children to show mastery over their learning by applying their skills - often in a cross-curricular way.

We also have a range of enrichment and extra-curricular provisions in place to meet the needs of our able pupils and to give the children opportunities to use their skills in areas beyond the core curriculum. These activities are designed to challenge and inspire pupils and to encourage high aspirations. Activities may include: additional Maths and English groups, visits to Art Galleries, sports coaching and music tuition from specialist teachers.

There are 2 people responsible for More Able provision at Norwood who work closely together to monitor this area. They also form part of our Vulnerable Needs Group working party which includes Pupil Premium, EAL, SEND as well as Higher Attaining or More Able children.

Mrs Louise Edgar, HAT leader
Mrs Chris Mason, Vulnerable Groups Governor.