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1.3.21 English Play a game, how do you know how to play it?

Learn a new game or play an old favourite. What things do you need?Recorded with

2 3 21 English Instructions need to be clear and in the correct order!

Will Mrs Rogers be able to tell Mrs Coull how to make a glass of squash by giving her clear instructions? Find out here!!

2.3.21 English -Instructions need to be written in the correct order.

Order the instructions for the game of 'Snakes and Ladders'Recorded with

3.2.21 and 4.2.21 English -Write the instructions of how to play your game.

Remember to number your instructions and write them in the correct order. Have a go at playing the game following your instructions.Recorded with https://sc...

1.3.21 Guided Reading -Inference

Be like Iggy Inference and look for clues in the picture to help you understand what is happening.Recorded with

3.3.21 Guided Reading -Use your reading skills

5.3.21 Guided Reading -Make up Alien names

Use your phonics skills to make up some names for the funny aliens.Recorded with

Handwriting 3.3.21

23.2.21 English How to Play Tiddlywinks

Find out how to play the old fashioned game of Tiddlywinks.Recorded with

24.2.21 English -Bossy verbs

What words do we use when writing instructions?Can you sort the words into bossy verbs and other words?Recorded with

25.2.21 English Writing instructions

Today we are going to write our instructions of how to play the game of Tiddlywinks. Do they work? Have you got them in the right order? Did you remember t...

23.2.21 Guided Reading

Can you spot the clues like Inference Iggy?Recorded with

25.2.21 Guided Reading

Can you draw a picture to show you understand what you read?Recorded with

Handwriting WB 22.2.21

8.2.21 English Monday

Order the Days of the WeekRecorded with

9.2.21 English Tuesday

Thinking about what the Hoctopize did in the past tense. What happens at the end of the story?Recorded with

10.2.21 and 11.2.21 English Wednesday and Thursday

Writing a diary as if you are the Hoctopize.Recorded with

Week Beginning 8.2.21 Jack and the Beanstalk

Use this video with our Guided Reading work this week on familiar stories.

8.2.21 Handwriting

Monday 11.1.21 Phonics

Work with Mrs Rogers to learn about different ways to pronounce the letter 'i' in words.(Recorded with

Use the sorting cards in the PDF below for an extra challenge if required.

Tuesday 12.1.21 Phonics

Join Mrs Rogers for today's phonics, learning different ways that we say the letter 'o'.(Recorded with

Use the PDF file below for a further challenge/activity if you require.

Wednesday 13.1.21 Phonics Tricky Words

Join in with Mrs Rogers to focus on six different tricky words and get some ideas for how to practise spelling them.(Recorded with

Use the PDF below for the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' activity.

Thursday 14.1.21 Phonics

Join in with Mrs Rogers to learn about the hard sounds and soft sounds made by the letters g and c.(Recorded with

See the PDFs below for the sorting games if required.

Friday 14.1.21 Phonics

Work with Mrs Rogers to find out two new ways of saying the letter u in words.(Recorded with

Use the PDF below for sorting cards if required.