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Norwood Primary School

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Maths 1.3.21

Learn how to find half of numbers.

Maths 2.3.21

Learn how to find a quarter of a number.

Maths 3.3.21

Investigate whether all of these numbers can be shared into quarters.

Maths 4.3.21

Solve some worded problems using what we have learnt this week.

Maths 5.3.21

Play a maths game called 'Tug of War' using your addition and subtraction skills!

23.2.21 Maths

Revisit halving to get ready for the rest of our Maths this week.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes Story

Award-winning author, Jan Fearnley, reads the first Mr Wolf Story, MR WOLF'S PANCAKES.


Learn about quarters and help Mr Wolf with a pancake challenge!

25.2.21 Maths

Investigating halves and quarters with Mr Wolf.

26.2.21 Maths

Show what you know with a halves and quarters challenge!

8.2.21 Maths

Begin the week by exploring a 100 square and counting in 10s.

9.2.21 Maths

Start working with 10p coins and continue practising your counting in 10s.

10.2.21 Maths

Problem solve using 10p coins to find out if you can buy different items.

11.2.21 Maths

Take on a problem solving challenge using everything we have learnt this week. This will make you think in different ways.

12.2.21 Maths

Challenge yourself with an open-ended investigation and solve this in which ever way you choose.

3.2.21 Maths

Use this video to support your maths work on Wednesday.

4.2.21 Maths

Use this video to support your maths work on Thursday.