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Design & Technology

Our Design and Technology programme of study links closely with our cross curricular topic themes. The children have the opportunity to design and construct and evaluate products connected with their learning from vehicles to puppets while learning to use a range of tools and techniques. There will be a link here with science as the children learn how to incorporate levers and pulleys or electrical circuits into their designs. Cooking and food technology is an important part of D&T from 2014 enabling children to learn about healthy diets, eating and nutrition and how to prepare and cook dishes and sample different foods through our themed school lunches.

Our objectives for DT at Norwood


Key Stage 1:

By the end of Key Stage 1, children should be able to consider the purpose and functionality of a product, be able to talk about it, design and make it themselves with support, using different pieces of equipment, and be able to evaluate their work.


We will also make sure that our Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to be creative, make design choices and have some independence in each stage of the design process.


As a result of our broad curriculum, children will have the opportunity to practise the following: building structures, exploring and using mechanisms, working with textiles and preparing nutritious dishes.


Key Stage 2:

By the end of Key Stage 2, children will have  used research and design criteria to design and make innovative, functional and appealing products, using a wide range of tools and equipment and will be able to carefully evaluate their work.


Key Stage 2 children will have the opportunity to be creative, individual, make design choices, make changes following evaluations and reflect on the skills used and developed.


In the Key Stage 2 DT curriculum, children have the opportunity to practise the following: building more complex structures, exploring mechanical systems, working with textiles, preparing savoury dishes and using electrical systems in their products.