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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School

Longitudinal Studies

Over the course of the year, each year group completes a longitudinal study which provides children with the opportunity to carry out field work and apply their "acting like a scientist" skills within a meaningful context. These studies require the children to gather evidence, take accurate measurements, and analyse data to draw conclusions regarding changes to the environment over time.


Year R


Year R are using their senses to explore the seasonal changes that take place around them throughout the year. They learn how these changes affect trees, some animals and the clothes that they need to wear.


Year 1


Year 1 are observing and describing the weather and looking for signs in the changing of the seasons; focusing closely on temperature and light.

They will be photographing a tree from Leigh Park and discussing the ways in which it changes throughout the different seasons over the course of the year.


Year 2


Year 2 are investigating which animals live within the different areas of Leigh Park in Eastleigh. Throughout the year they will be returning to observe these different areas, and checking to see if, and how the seasonal changes affect their findings.


Year 3


Year 3 are going to be identifying and naming the plants and trees that we have within Norwood’s school grounds, and investigating if, and how they change throughout the different seasons within the year. The children will be undertaking field work to carefully measure and collect data, which will help them to identify and track the changes.


Year 4


Year 4 are observing the weather across the year and learning about how meteorologists forecast the weather so that we know what to expect. They will be measuring a range of aspects including the temperature, wind speed, wind chill and rainfall so that they can discuss how this changes across the year. They will also be using their observation skills to look at cloud formation and coverage.


Year 5


Year 5 are investigating the question: Are we all under the same sky? They will make use of first hand and photographic evidence to analyse the phases of the moon, light pollution, and star charts and constellation change. They will be making use of a range of equipment to take accurate measurements of shadows, daylight hours, and moon and tide comparatives.



Year 6


Year 6 are attempting to answer the question: do we all start and end life in the same way?

They are measuring groups of children through the year and at the end of year, we will compare the growth of the children.

As the children go through the school, the yearly measurements will be compared to see if all children do grow in the same way.