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Norwood Primary School

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Letter from Balmoral

Dear Parents& Carers

The news of the Queen's death yesterday afternoon was both a sad and significant historical moment, signalling the end of one era and the start of a new one. For this reason, we held a special assembly this morning in place of our usual role model celebration assembly. It was a celebration of the Queen's long life and all that she achieved and the legacy she has left. We looked at how she has been a role model, not only to people in this country but around the world in the way she committed and dedicated her life to her role, persevering through many challenging times.
We also thought back to the wonderful; day we had in June celebrating her Platinum Jubilee and how we can look forward after these initial days of mourning to the coronation of a new King. We were keen to make today one of celebrating her life.
Poignantly, at the end of the day yesterday, we received a letter from Balmoral! It was addressed to the pupils and staff of Norwood Primary & Pre-School thanking us for the messages and letters we sent on the occasion of her Jubilee. I shared this letter with the staff and children at the end of the assembly and we all agreed it was something very special to receive and to treasure. It feels somehow especially poignant as we received the letter yesterday afternoon at about the same time as her passing.
We have attached a copy of the letter here for you to read too.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Mrs. Rosemary Diskin