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Letter from Mrs. Diskin - 16.6.20

Hello everyone again!

I wonder if you have noticed the way nature has been enjoying a rest from all the pollution from cars and planes and how the lovely, warm sunshine, after months of rain, has been helping everything to grow amazingly quickly?

Here in school, we have been fascinated to see that the bird box, which we installed on the wall outside the Discovery Centre a couple of years ago, has finally got some visitors making it their home! A family of blue tits has made their nest inside the box and the babies decided it was time to try out their wings last week but one nearly didn’t make it until Mr Marsh rescued him and returned him to his home!                             

Mrs Blue Tit immediately flew in twittering with gratitude but I expect she was also telling him to be more careful next time!

Unfortunately, the camera we set up a few years ago to enable us all to watch the bird box live, is no longer working. However, Mrs Francis is working hard to find out if we can get it up and running again so that you can capture the exciting moments from home. 

We will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, if you have any lovely photos to share of things you have observed in nature at home, flowers or vegetables growing, animals becoming more confident in visiting your garden etc, please do email them in for your class and staff to share.

Remember…take care, look after each other, keep smiling & Stay Safe!

Love from Mrs Diskin xx