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Letter from Mrs. Diskin - 20.5.20

Hello again everyone !         

Hands up if you watched some of the TV programmes about the Eurovision Song contest this weekend? Perhaps you even had a Eurovision party at home?

This year, although it couldn’t take place because of the coronavirus, the contest was celebrating its 64th year!

I wonder if you know why it first started?

Well, it all started as a fun way of bringing the countries of Europe back together again after WW2. They wanted to celebrate the peace that came when war ended.

Peace is precious and so is UNITY, where we get together and work as one.

Unity has been really important for us as a country and across the world at this time. All countries are having to fight the coronavirus and each country has the same battle asking their people to fight it together.

This year the Eurovision contest was called ‘Shine a light’ which connects with the theme last week about remembering Florence Nightingale.

Here in school we have been finding out about different capital cities around the world and thinking about our own community.

UNITY is important for us here in school too.

Each of us is an individual with our own different skills and hopes and goals. We belong to different families and different classes but together we make up our own big school community.                          

I hope that during this challenging time, you are having fun, listening to music and dancing and remembering what we have to do to help keep our community and our loved ones safe.

Have fun and keep well

Mrs Diskin x 

BTW- Do you know which song came out as the best Eurovision song ever?

It was Waterloo by ABBA!