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Norwood Primary School

Norwood Primary & Pre-School


P.E. Vision

The overall vision for PE at Norwood is to ensure that we deliver a fully inclusive, exciting and engaging programme which will enable every child to be able to:


  • To promote the well being of all children through physical activity.
  • Develop and master fundamental skills through the delivery of our EPIC curriculum and promote good pupil progress and outcomes.
  • Adapt deliveries to suit the needs of all children.
  • Vary equipment to ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve outcomes.
  • For all pupils to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of the importance of keeping fit and making healthy choices.
  • Be given the opportunity to work with skilled coaches to develop their own skills and promote the ‘Norwood Values’.
  • Set high expectations through a range of differing activities which will inspire, motivate, excite, engage and challenge pupils.
  • All staff to be able to deliver high quality lessons and demonstrate good subject knowledge.
  • Manage behaviour effectively throughout the delivery of lessons to ensure a good and safe learning environment.
  • Accurately assess children Insight)


Our Expectations and delivery of PE is not hindered by the lack of green space within our grounds. 

We utilise space effectively during our PE sessions to enable all children to achieve their learning goals. Throughout the course of the year opportunities for swimming, bikeabilty and after school activities are available for Year 4, Year 6 and KS1 and KS2 respectively. 

We endeavour to build on our links within our local community to extend the range of opportunities and support we are able to offer our children. We achieve this by working closely with Barton Peveril College, The Point, Fleming Park Leisure Centre and other primary schools within the area. 


Our sports funding is being used to support the children's development by ensuring high quality PE lessons and lunch time activities are delivered by our coach level 5 coach, Pele. Additionally, afterschool clubs are subsidised using our funding to ensure the cost is kept to a minimum to facilitate equal opportunities for all our children. 


Since Covid-19 we as a school have amended our PE timetable and uniform policy to suit. As a result, children are expected to come into school wearing their PE kit in readiness for their lessons in the afternoon and after school club. 


Our PE uniform policy is as follows:

  • Dark trousers/ shorts (weather dependent)
  • White t-shirt
  • Dark sweatshirt (excluding the school jumper)
  • Trainers suitable for PE (not fashion trainers including high tops)
  • No earrings permitted in accordance with Hampshire County Council Guidance and legislation around PE.


Updated February 2024

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